My little project conjured up from personal experience, teaching students to make better food choices and to cook!

Bacon & Leek Quiche (or bleee-sshh as I like to call it)

Sick of egg recipes yet? I’m not! I may buy a hen or three, amount of eggs I’ve been eating. This week I’ve cooked up a simple Bacon & Leek Quiche.

Egg- cellent

Egg- cellent

Shortcrust pastry (You can check out my wee video here http://
350ml milk
4 eggs
5-6 rashers
1 chopped leek (here’s another video on how to prepare leeks
100g-150g grated cheese (enough to cover the base)

See? Very simple ingredients to create this masterpiece. Yeah that’s right, I called it a masterpiece. If only I could stop eating it….. oh, here’s my shopping list!

If only my actual shopping lists were as neat as this...

If only my actual shopping lists were as neat as this…

I used a regular 27cm dish for this, I spent €13.99 on it in Argos, which was a bit out of my price range this week, but you can use anything similar, and I’m sure there’s similar dishes on sale for cheaper elsewhere. Also, it came in an unnecessarily large box. Cumbersome is a word that should be used more often.

But I won’t get into my hatred for cardboard today, here’s a distraction, another pic!



Quiche is superdy-duperdy versatile and even though it might sound a bit pricey at four euro, you more than likely have one or more of these ingredients in your kitchen already! Any amount of ingredients can be used in place of bacon and leek, here’s a few suggestions:

  • Ham and Spring Onion
  • Bacon and Spinach
  • Onion, Tomato, and Mushrooms
  • Pepperoni, Parmesan and Spinach
  • Broccoli and Pepper
  • I keep forgetting to post the actual video! Here it is 😀

    Anyone who’s preparing or doing exams, good luck, next week, I’ll do something a bit more…… fun and minus eggs.


    Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns…

    I have a day off, which in retail is a rare thing. I’m going to make the most of it, and URGE you to watch my video!

    Happy Easter 🙂

    Egg-cellent Morning Muffins!

    On snowy days like today, there is an internal battle between my love for sleep and my love for breakfast food. Sleep generally wins.

    So these Breakfast Muffins were inspired by a Reddit post, some feedback from my survey, aaaaand resisting the urge to get McMuffins from the McDonald’s right beside work (at the moment I can get them for only a EURO with coupons that I have AGGHHHH). Finally, I have found something cheap, easy and very quick to eat for breakfast. I ate these for breakfast, lunch and din-dins today, surely eating more than one egg a day isn’t good for you? Whatev’s, I’ll die happy and full as a pup.

    First attempt: I used toasted bread, but it resulted in a soggy, chewy base. I wouldn’t recommend it but if you don’t have potatoes it’s an okay substitute.

    Second attempt: Glorious savoury breakfast history in my belly was made. The substitution of grated, fried potato was a simple and effective change. Keeps everything together as a base and no chewiness detected. I used 3 baby potatoes for 6 muffins.

    Only 3 survived.

    Only 3 survived.

    Utensils: Well, I bought a muffin tray in Argos for €6.99 today, and immediately got excited about making mini versions of things (my mind wandered…mini lasagnes and apple pies, anyone? What if you could bake both at the same time, using the same traaayyy?) If you don’t have one or simply don’t want to buy one, I found a set of 3 ramekins in Dealz for €1.49, click here However, I would recommend the muffin tray for bulk amounts of muffins.

    Ingredients: No price list or measurements, don’t think it was entirely necessary, it’s up to yourself! Got 6 eggs in Tesco for €1.09. In the video I have used 3 different types of meat. Use one sausage/slice of bacon for 2 muffins. You can use any type of cooked meat, so this is especially handy for using up any leftovers! Looking for a vegetarian version? I think the tastiest substitute would be a slice of mushroom, the only thing I wouldn’t recommend would be tomato, the water content will make the muffins watery!

    Temperature & Time: Everybody likes their eggs made differently. I suggest 15-20 mins at 200C in a preheated oven, 15 mins if you like the eggs medium (slightly runny) and 20 mins if you like them hard (no runiness), it’s up to you 🙂

    Reheating: You’ve packed them in greaseproof paper, don’t throw it out! Sit your muffin on the greaseproof paper when reheating, some of the water and grease that will appear when reheating will get soaked up in the paper.

    That’s it for today, it’s still snowy and now I can go back to bed to dream about Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling fighting over me…. enjoy 🙂

    Ham, Cheese and Tomato Omelette (with added 50 Cent)

    Ooh, I’m up late writing this post, I was far more interested in baking chocolate cheesecake brownies, which turned out great!

    So omelettes. 1 main ingredient:

  • Eggs
  • And that’s it for today’s blog post, make sure to look me up next week!!

    I kid, I kid. Eggs are great though, they really are. They are the basis of sooooo many recipes (scrambled eggs, tortillas, quiches, pancakes to name a few) and very good for you. Eggs are packed with protein, and so cheap as well, I always have a 6 pack of eggs in my fridge.

    Cooking an omelette is just one of those meals that you can add in any type of leftovers or basically clear the contents of your fridge. Cheese, ham, tomato, onion, mushroom, spinach, bacon, chopped sausage, anything…anything at all.

    I added low-fat milk to the eggs for the simple reason that there would be more liquid, hence ‘more omelette’, I guess. Alternatively, you can add water or cream instead. Water would be healthier, however add the milk gave it a tad more creaminess. Speaking of being healthy, for those who are worried about cholesterol in their diets, you could make an egg-white omelette, here’s a recipe:

    It’s basically the same idea… High cholesterol is no yolk people!

    Fiddy Cent does not approve of my joke.

    I tried.

    I didn’t do the normal price list or weighing of ingredients, because it wasn’t really necessary. As long as you have eggs and a bitta milk, you’re good to go. Notice in the video, I’m using a small frying pan, if you’re using a regular frying pan, just double up on your ingredients.

    In the video, I have mentioned that I will do another egg-related recipe next week, this will probably be a Spanish tortilla or a quiche, I just haven’t decided yet!

    Here’s two links with further information on eggs and omelettes:

    Think that’s it for today, I’mma pig out on brownies. Delicious success.

    I’m pretty sure Fiddy Cent watched this video today, you should too, bye for now folks 🙂

    Wanna help me out?

    As you probably know, I was kindly accepted into the WaveChange Programme (I will do a post about the programme in a few weeks!) It’s a programme built to help develop social entrepreneurs, and I attended the first weekend a fortnight ago. The major thing I learned over the 2 days was that I entered into this whole thing without doing some hard research and getting some facts and figures to back up my assumption that the majority of students can’t/won’t/don’t know how to cook. So I have two surveys (Two because I didn’t want to pay 25 dollas to upgrade.) If you are reading this and would like to support and help me in my quest to get more young people cooking, please take a few minutes out of your day and complete these surveys. I will be most grateful!

    Yummo Risotto (The Spinach, Pea and Feta kind)

    What kind of a title is that? I need help.

    Sup guys, sup? I’m fierce sick and tired, so I’ve been gobbling risotto all week, as it is (like everything else), one of my favourite dinners. It’s very easy, adaptable and full of flavour.

    So the main ingredient of this dish is Arborio rice, if you’ve never heard of it, it’s the rice that is also used for making rice pudding dessert type things. The reason why we use Arborio rice in risotto is that it has a higher starch content than other types of rice, and when it’s cooked, it becomes sort creamy, chewy and easily absorbs lots of flavour.

    I have stressed in the video to cook on a medium heat, cooking on a higher heat won’t make things any quicker, the stock will evaporate quicker without cooking the rice and you’ll have to keep adding more and more stock, it’ll take aaaages and you’ll start to resent those tiny little rices. If ‘rices’ isn’t a word, it is now.

    I was hoping that this dish would not only appeal to vegetarians, but those on a gluten-free diet too. Unfortunately, I realised that the stock cubes I use have gluten in them. But do not fret, gluten-haters, as far as my sources have told me (Google), Knorr Stock Pots are gluten-free, and according to the Tesco website Kallo Orangic Stock Cubes are gluten free and contain 6 stock cubes for €1.99. Some people aren’t fans of the vegetarian lifestyle, so if this pro-veggie dish isn’t for you, here’s a few alternatives, remember this dish is mainly to show you how to cook risotto rice and how easily it can be adapted.
    – Chorizo, Chicken and Pea (make sure all meat is cooked, leftover chicken would be handy, and you can get sliced chorizo in Tesco for €1.11)
    – Bacon & Parmesan
    There are also plenty of other recipes which includes all different types of ingredients, from butternut squash to mushroom.

    Speaking of adaptable, there’s no need to be strict with the spinach, pea and feta amounts, that’s just a guide, but I would always use 400ml per 100g of Arborio rice. I’m fully aware I haven’t cooked the risotto in the traditional way, but I have done that many times before, and like Sweet Brown proclaims:

    I really don't.

    I really don’t.

    I’m probably just being lazy.

    Price List:


    500g Arborio Risotto Rice – €1.99 Tesco
    10-pack Vegetable Stock Cubes – €0.99 Tesco
    Onion, chopped – €0.29 Tesco
    4 pack Fresh Garlic – €1.14* Tesco
    200g Spinach – €1.49 Tesco
    2kg Frozen Peas – €1.99* Tesco
    200g Feta – €1.49 Aldi

    * some ingredients I have had for a while, so can’t quite remember the prices.

    Ingredient List. (Serves 1)

    Ingredients 2

    100g Arborio rice
    400ml vegetable stock
    Onion, chopped
    Clove of garlic, chopped
    Good knob of butter
    50g- 100g spinach chopped
    100g- 150g frozen peas
    50g feta, chopped/crumbled

    So price per portion works out at approx €1.80, which is pretty damn cheap! And here is what it looks like:

    Yummo Risotto

    This is all very informative, but where’s the video, I hear you ask? It’s here! Watch it! I want at least one million views, realistically. Cheers for watching 🙂

    You’ve probably read that I was at my first WaveChange weekend recently, will be writing posts about the programme, and showcasing some of the brilliant people and ideas blossoming from it. I can’t write anymore, I need to bathe in Lemsip….


    Title says it all, I guess! I’M SO EXCITED! There are loads of different recipes for pancakes; this one is my Mam’s. I’ve always had success with it, I hope you do too. Chill out and pig out, I like to eat mine by switching between melted Nutella and fresh lemon with golden caster sugar.

    I had a friend asking me about vegan style pancakes, you can omit the eggs and use soymilk, but here’s a simple to follow recipe: Hopefully that helps.

    Also, these pancakes can be eaten as a savoury snack too, and can be a nice change from using bread in sandwiches.

    I haven’t used a price list this week, as all products are regularly on special offer around Pancake Tuesday. However, I got 2kg Tesco Self Raising Flour for €1.29, 6 Tesco Eggs for €1.09 and I use low-fat SuperMilk (personal choice) which is €1.60 per litre. Got the 3 pack of lemons for 59 cent and I had the Nutella in the cupboard for ages.

    Blog post is short as all info is in video, enjoy 🙂